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Violating a condition of parole is a constant concern for any parolee.  For the parolee wrongfully accused of a parole violation, the parole revocation process is often times difficult to maneuver and frustrating to navigate.  The potential loss of liberty and independence are frightful deliberations that each parolee must face.  The assistance of an experienced attorney can make navigating these waters easier, and help pave the road to freedom.



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Tamisha Delvaille, Attorney at Law is a professional legal practice dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to you and your family in a timely and cost effective manner.

Whether you are anticipating the addition of a new family member through adoption or navigating the emotional terrain of a divorce or custody battle, Tamisha Delvaille, Attorney at Law is here to serve you, and welcomes the opportunity to meet all your family law needs.

An accident can be a life altering experience.  Tamisha Delvaille, Attorney at Law understands this, and realizes that your number one goal outside of recovery, is the restoration of life as it was before your accident occurred.  

Allow Tamisha Delvaille, Attorney at Law to handle yo‚Äčur legal claim and get you the settlement you deserve.  Find out how my office can help you get back on your feet financially, and well onto the road to recovery.

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